Finnsteve-companies available to key electronic services are listed below:

Telecommunication messages are

Cargo handling operations and loading plans/realizations
BAPLIE loading plan/realization
COPRAR container discharging orders (container lists)
COARRI load/discharge message

Container terminal gate operations: CODECO GATE IN / GATE OUT

Container release/delivery orders (terminal advice): COPARN,COREOR 

The forest industry links: EXPRON in accordance with the data messages


Forwarding: CUSRES, CUSREP

On-line terminal connection
Especially with the shipping lines Finnsteve has realized a direct connection to STEVIS customer information system. Through our STEVIS system the customers can follow their own vessel/unit processes and stock situation in Helsinki and Turku container terminals and depots, all on line.

Other electronic services

  • Digital photos of units on order
  • Our web information by e-mail
  • SMS messages for deviations
  • Daily reports of container terminals and depots by e-mail

Finnsteve’s data interchange and formation plus unpacking of EDI messages are done through a transmitting service (ELMA).