Finnsteve Vuosaari closing times during Midsummer year 2018


Closing times during Midsummer, year 2018

In Helsinki Vuosaari harbour



Closing time for Roro vessels departing between 22th - 25th June need to be in the Vuosaari for Grimaldi or ACL cargo on 20th  June 10.00 hours. Other over 10 tons cargo need to be in the port on 21st  June at 10.00 hours and SD units on 21at June at 15.00 hrs.

Workingtime; Export terminals are closed between 21st June at 22.30 to 25th June at 6.45. Export cargo need to be in Finnsteve Vuosaari terminal on 21st June at 21.00.



Cargo delivery will be closed on 21st June 16.00 hours and re-opened on 25th June 7.00 hours. Deliveries during the holidays are only possible an advance order for overtime-work.

For further information please contact Mr Timo Hautala phone +358 50 5656 363.

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